Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial for rape and sexual assault has been pushed from September to January 6th. On Monday, the disgraced producer pleaded not guilty to a new indictment related to the sexual assault charges he is facing. 

The new indictment adds two additional charges to the existing charges. Prosecutors argue they are necessary for actress Annabella Sciorra to testify at trial. Sopranos alum Sciorra first shared her story with Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker in 2017.  

Sciorra claims Weinstein assaulted her in 1993, and while the statute of limitations has expired, her testimony will be allowed. 

Weinstein’s team dismissed it as an “11th hour maneuver.” Lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said there were “absolutely no surprises” in the charges.

New York Supreme Court Judge James Burke presided over the hearing on Monday. At one point in the 10-minute hearing, he addressed Weinstein: “Mr. Weinstein, do you want to go to trial?” Weinstein replied, “Not really. Not with this weak case.” 

Burke then ordered Weinstein to stop using his cellphone. “Please refrain from doing that,” he said. “It’s a court order.”

Outside of the courtroom, her attorney Gloria Allred said: [“I commend Annabella for her willingness to take the stand and answer questions under oath. She has been willing to do that and share her truth even though she can a anticipate a very vigorous cross-examination by the defense, which no doubt will be unpleasant for any witness to endure.”[ SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . .witness to endure)