REO Speedwagon is back on the road this summer, going it alone — rather than teaming up with one of their many friends for a behemoth shed run. The band's getting a little extra exposure these days, with its 1985 chart-topper “Can't Fight This Feeling” one of the highlights on Netflix's Stranger Things 3 official soundtrack.

We caught up with leader Kevin Cronin, who gave us the low-down on how the summer of '19 is playing out for REO: “We are taking a different kind of summer. For the past, I don't know how many years, we've partnered up with some great bands; with Styx, with Chicago, with Def Leppard, we toured Europe with Status Quo — and did the whole amphitheater thing. And this year, we just kinda needed a break.”

Cronin told us that, so far, 2019 has been one of retrospection for both him and the band: “I've been workin' on my memoir now, for over two-and-a-half years. I started it by accident over in Europe and I'm gettin' really close. And then, REO's having a kind of mellow year, y'know, playin' dates by ourselves. We play a longer set, so it's good for us in that ways. And, y'know, people who are fans of the band get to see a little deeper into the catalogue, givin' you a few more album cuts, 'cause when we're doing the co-headline tours, the set times are limited.”