Roger Daltrey admitted that it took him some time to find his voice in the new songs Pete Townshend brought him to sing on the Who's upcoming album. The still-untitled new set will be released later this fall and was a compromise on Daltrey's part, seeing as how Townshend was adamant to have new Who material on the horizon before committing to the band's 2019 dates.

Daltrey explained to us that he made a concerted effort to make the new Townshend songs his: “It's been important for Pete, because he just doesn't want to be seen as someone who's just going out peddling what he did 50 years ago. He's still current. And the stuff he's writing now, the new stuff will prove that. I thought, 'Well, this is great Pete Townshend stuff, but it's a Pete Townshend solo album.' But then I listened and found a way to get into it, and climb into it with my voice and who I am, and it's good. I'm not just blowing our trumpet — it's good stuff.”

Pete Townshend told us he always felt that his work was one of a singular artist who adapted his material to fit the Who's structure: “Well, obviously, every writer, every individual that creates has to draw on their own experiences and when I set out to write songs — I shoot from the hip. I don't actually write for any particular voice.”