Roger Daltrey will hit the Internet to answer fans questions on Friday (June 14th) from the Who pop up shop in London at 12 noon BST. Daltrey will be discussing “the 50th Anniversary of Tommy and the Tommy Orchestral version. Submit your questions on The Who’s social media.”

On Friday, Daltrey's live album, The Who's Tommy Orchestral will be released. The set was recorded in Budapest and Bethel in upstate New York — the scene of the first Woodstock festival 50 years ago, where the band performed Tommy in its entirety.

Roger Daltrey was asked, if rather than be beholden to Pete Townshend to always deliver the goods — why he doesn't try writing a new Who album for the band: “Well, I do try writing songs. But every time I do. . . they're just not up to (the Who's standard) — he set such a high bar. Y'know, one genius is enough in a band.”

Although he's never been a prolific songwriter, Daltrey admits that if nothing else, he's always been a fan of his own songwriting efforts: “No, they're great, they're great songs! Y'know, I always lacked confidence in the songs that I wrote. And I suppose living in Pete's shadow all these years, y'know. . . But now I listen back to the early Who songs that I wrote with him, like bits of 'Anyway, Anyhow. . .' that I wrote, and I go, 'There's nothing wrong with that.'”