Paris Jackson loves marijuana, and she is not afraid of what online trolls think. When a fan asked her how she came up with “spaghetti grilled cheese sandwiches with mozerella sic,” the 21-year-old model blithely tweeted, “marijuana.”

Another user saw her response and tweeted, “Druggie. I bet you do meth too. Your dad must be ashamed of you. Degenerate.”

The daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson responded, “because an organic medicinal plant from mother earth with dozens of healing properties that is legal where i live and used to help suffering people around the world = meth.”

She added, “instead of taking poisonous addictive pharmaceuticals, this incredible medicine from the earth has been prescribed to me to help with my depression, anxiety, ptsd, and insomnia.”

She then went on: “I don’t do it as soon as i wake up unless it’s a rare occasion. i don’t do it when i work and i don’t do it when i drive. It’s medicine to me and not an every day thing.”

Jackson has been the subject of several reports and rumors at various times—most recently, March—of attempting suicide. She denied the most recent report.