Chrissy Teigen has an 11 million+ audience on Twitter, with another 24 million+ following alon with her on Instagram. In a new interview with Bustle, Teigen breaks down how getting constantly trolled by haters feels, and why she is pushing to move her activist tendencies beyond the realm of hashtags.


Even among supporters of her causes, Teigen says she is constantly hearing from folks who say she isn’t doing enough, or is speaking out about the wrong things. She tells Bustle: “People really try to get you to speak out about every single thing, or they'll tell you if you do speak out about something that there's something else out there that's more important. So you can't really ever win, and for me, that's a frustrating thing.”


Some issues are so daunting, Teigen admits she doesn’t know where to begin. Referencing recent strict abortion bills, she says: “I looked at husband John Legend the other day and I said… 'Everything that's happening in Alabama and women's rights being stripped away, you wonder, what can you do? Like what can I say?'”


Teigen and her husband also make sure to pay it forward, donating $72K per family member to the ACLU on President Trump’s 72nd birthday last year.

She says: “Obviously everyone probably knows my beliefs. I don't know what I can say to change anything, and I think a lot of people feel that way. John and I like to take it a step further and connect directly with the ACLU, or connect directly with people that are being affected in Alabama, and make our donations that way.”


Sometimes though, she just can’t. Teigen says: “There's some crazy things happening in the world that you want to be able to address. Sometimes for me, I'm just not mentally prepared to take on that stress, maybe that day, that week.”