Even after splitting up with her husband of nine years, Jenna Dewan believes in romance. Dewan graced the January cover of Cosmopolitan and inside, she discusses her grieving process post-split from Channing Tatum.

“People are like, ‘How do you get through this?'” Dewan, 38, said in the profile. “I didn’t run away from my feelings. I let myself cry. I let myself grieve. This is one of those situations where I will see the light. The dawn is coming.”

She totally gets why fans are having a hard time letting their love go as well. After all, they became household names and got together after meeting on 2005’s Step Up. 

“I’m obviously super aware that people know me, they know Channing, they know us together,” she said. “We’d been a beloved couple for a long time. I was in Berlin and people were like, ‘We love your Lip Sync Battle!’ I was like, oh my god. You mean the time when I humped my husband-at-the-time’s face? I’m so glad that’s my calling card.”

Despite everything, Dewan says she believes in love (with some caveats). 

“I do believe in love still, but I also believe it begins with really digging deep and learning how to love yourself,” Dewan said. “And then I think you sort of transmute that out to attract the right partner. I think that people who are meant to be sort of find each other.”