Jennifer Aniston is spilling on her less-than-picture-perfect relationship with her late mother, Nancy Dow.

The 49-year-old is currently promoting her upcoming Netflix film, Dumplin’, which documents a tense relationship between herself (a former pageant queen) and her plus-size daughter, who enters a beauty competition in part to make a point about beauty standards.

She told The Sunday Telegraph that the film brought back memories, not all of them good: “One of the reasons I really loved the mother-daughter aspect of it was because it was very similar in a way to what my mother, and our relationship, was.”

Aniston continued: “She was a model and she was all about presentation and what she looked like and what I looked like. I did not come out the model child she’d hoped for and it was something that really resonated with me, this little girl just wanting to be seen and wanting to be loved by a mum who was too occupied with things that didn’t quite matter.”

So what makes her feel beautiful now? Aniston revealed: “My idea of beauty is, is what makes you feel beautiful and what makes me feel beautiful is the people around me, the life that I have. And maybe a good hair day.”