Comedy fans should know what they’re getting into, according to Rose Byrne. She tells The New York Times that she takes issue with the fact that the disgraced comedian, who admitted to repeatedly masturbating in front of co-workers without their consent, keeps showing up to do sets unannounced.

“It’s too soon for him to have a surprise one, that’s for sure,” Byrne said when asked whether the comedian was ready for a comeback. “I think if he’s going to show up, just let everybody know so then they can make a decision, like, ‘I don’t want to see this guy — I’m out.’ It’s also the gatekeepers around these things who give people the chance to have a comeback. They’re actually really powerful. I would like to see them being held accountable a little bit more.”

C.K. has popped up a number of times, surprising comedy fans for the first time on August 26th at the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Since then, he’s made several other appearances, the last of which was announced on October 26th. Reception to all of his shows has been mixed and the comedy world appears to be struggling over how to handle his attempted career resurrection. 

Byrne appeared in I Love You Daddy, which was shelved after the accusations against him were aired. C.K. stars alongside Byrne, and also directed the film. 

“You go in with such great intentions, and Louis was very sweet with me, and I had a very respectful experience,” Byrne said of the film. “But it’s obviously very complicated, and I stand with the women who came forward. But yeah, it is conflicting when you commit to something, just from my experience of, ‘Wow, this is a really weird, dark story — I’m intrigued by it.’ And then it becomes a much bigger thing than what it is. I think it will be a while before that film can be seen, and I think that’s right.”