CHILDERSBURG, Ala. – Kaitlin Katerina Fields, 23, has been found safely.

On Wednesday morning, Fields returned to her grandparents’ home on Coleman Ridge Rd. On Tuesday morning, her family reported that she was missing after last being seen going to bed on Monday night.

Fields’ sister, Ashley Cox, told that Fields, who has a mental disability, sneaked out of her grandparents’ house on Monday night.

“This has never happened before, and we are terrified,” said Cox. “It’s very scary. I’m scared something has happened to her.”

Fields’ aunt, Kim Fields, said her niece was coerced by an unidentified male, on what may have been an online dating app or social media platform, to join him.

After investigating all possible avenues and learning Fields was messaging a man online, Fields’ aunt sprung into action, outsmarting the man as she went undercover online. She said she found the man online and messaged him, where a few messages led to the unidentified man volunteering himself and Fields for sexual acts with the undercover aunt.

“He accepted me as a friend online, and then I got his number. It all went from there,” Fields’ aunt explained. This is when the elder learned the man and Kaitlin were staying at the hotel next to J&J Pharmacy in Childersburg.

Then, as the aunt explained, she posed as an FBI agent, telling the man he had a small window of time to return Fields. “He believed me,” she said. “She returned home safe pretty quick.”

Fields’ aunt said she does not know if any charges will be filed against the man.